Aug 032013

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In this awesome HD video Angelica and Ben were outside when it suddenly started pouring down rain. The weather can’t always be perfect.
So, getting really chilly they bolted inside to the hot shower. Don’t you love that feeling (you know the one you get after being really cold and then getting under a steamy hot shower).
The shower warms them up from the outside in and it’s not long before they are kissing passionately as they wash each other off.
Angelica slides down and takes Ben in her mouth, he is already hard.
Next he picks her up and moves her tight pussy onto his pulsing cock.
He pushes inside her, letting gravity pull her down so he is further inside than he’s ever been.
They keep at it as long as they can balance and until he can’t hold back finally finishing as the warm water rains down over their taught and spent bodies.

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Sep 242012

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Video Intro

Eufrat travels all the time for work and it can be hard on her relationships.
She had to leave for Paris last night.
She wakes up alone in a hotel thinking about her lover.
She told us, one of her favorite things to do while traveling is to masturbate in the shower.
Come and enjoy a truly voyeuristic moment while you watch this brunette beauty pleasure herself.
A very real experience with a very real and beautiful girl.

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