X-ART Video – Superhot Sexting

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Oct 082016

Here comes the new X-ART Video – Superhot Sexting. Jillian Janson is in bed and thinking of her boyfriend. She decides to make a sexy selfie of herself on her smart phone and remind the guy of what he is missing.

With her stunning blue eyes, full lips and lovely legs, Jillian knows that she can make him ache as she explores her sexuality. Her homemade video shoot gets even hotter when another X-Art Girl — Anny Aurora of the red hair, sexy figure and gorgeous skin tones – decides to join her friend in a home shoot that may make the phone explode! Nipples become erect, panties soon are optional, and what they create quickly becomes mandatory viewing.

Both Jillian and Anny adore licking pussy, and they get turned on big time as they finger and fuck each other. Scissoring and sixty-nine send both of these super models into orgasmic orbit.

Wouldn’t you love to receive this for your viewing pleasure?

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X-ART Porn – 4Way in 4K

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Feb 212016

Here comes the great X-ART Porn – 4Way in 4K!

Brunette or redhead? If you are Caprice and Anny, the better question is, “Why do we have to choose”? These beautiful girls want it all.

Imagine two gorgeous couples sipping champagne at Anny’s home. Caprice and Marcello are over, and the conversation soon turns to giving pleasure and uninhibited sexual appetites.

If you can’t fuck your friends, who can you fuck? The guys’ cocks start to get hard in their pants as Anny and Jean make out. Clothes quickly are shed and Caprice and Anny wrap their full lips around their man’s shaft and compare techniques.

What a turn-on to fuck with passion and watch your friends doing the same!

Caprice and Anny naturally have to play with one another as well, and then they swap partners. And then they swap again.

God, this feels so good as these super hot girls provide an orgasmic cornucopia.

A “four-way” and, with you watching, in 4K!

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X-ART Sex – Rock Me Baby

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Nov 202015

Anny is a gorgeous fiery German redhead who loves to laugh and have a good time, and loves to have sex! Enjoy this X-ART Sex – Rock Me Baby.

Redhead beauty Anny jumps out of bed, puts her headphones on and starts to dance.Her tall, dark and handsome lover emerges from the steamy shower and they kiss.

Anny’s puffy nipples are all it takes to get him hard as a rock. His ridiculously massive cock is truly a bit more than she can handle!

Beautiful and erotic! Enjoy!

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X-ART Mary Ariel Perfect Together

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Oct 282015

Mary has been featured on X-Art a few times with her longtime boyfriend and we all loved them together.
The news is that Mary is recently single. When she was with her guy, she would only participate in videos with him (not other men or women). Now that she is on her own she is trying out some lesbian action and really enjoying it.
According to Mary, she is looking for a new guy and she may or may not make videos with him. She said she’ll know when she meets him if it would be a good idea.
In this set watch Ariel expertly bring Mary to orgasm with her fingers and mouth, see them make-out passionately and really get into it!
For now we will just have to enjoy Mary with Ariel and other girls as she keeps looking for her perfect man. Anyone want to volunteer? 😉

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Sex and Submission

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Aug 082015

Imagine two of the hottest, most desirable new X-Art girls.
Teal? The Red Fox? A raven haired Czech beauty or the hottest redhead out of the Ukraine ever? Both have received rave reviews from our subscribers.
Now think outside (or inside) their box! Imagine that you had the privilege of fucking both of them in a threesome. Impossible dream? Not at X-Art.
Warning: this video is not for the faint of heart! One of the hottest and kinkiest threesome sex scenes on X-Art!

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Cock Sucking Competition

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Jul 312015


HD Video: In this multi-orgasmic and multi-cultural threesome, Aubrey and Serena make a bet – who can fit all of Alex’s gigantic black cock all the way down their throat (and deep in their pussies). Alex sits back and enjoys the girls’ friendly competition. When Serena sits down on Alex’s cock and has her first orgasm, you can see her legs shaking. Then Aubrey gets her turn and makes sure that Alex’s cock fills her little pussy, stretching it to the absolute limit. It doesn’t take long before she’s riding him hard and fast. The competition is close, and in the end Alex brings it home by exploding all over their faces.

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X-ART Bree & Manuel: UnBREElievable

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May 122015


Thank you all for the wonderful title ideas in our “Name This Scene” contest! There were so many great titles, and it was a tough decision, so we decided to award our top THREE with year long memberships to both X-Art & Colette.com!

1st place – “UnBREElievable” by Mungoman45

2nd place – “To Bree or Not To Bree” by DoMeColette

3rd place – “Late For Work – Again!” by socket15.

We look forwrd to more interactive opportunities with a brand new X-Art interface coming soon! And now on to the “unBREElievable” HD video!

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