Caprice Swaps Cocks

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Oct 122016

We love Caprice and Marcello. This stunning, swinging couple is a blast to be around, and X-Art fans clearly cannot get enough of this gorgeous female sexual gymnast. And yes, this time Caprice Swaps Cocks.

Today, Caprice has a surprise for her husband — stunning college coed Anya Olsen – and he has one for her. Let’s just say that Caprice’s motto is “two cocks usually are better than one” and that Marcello gets off making love to his wife and watching another guy fuck her to bliss as well.

Both girls are bisexual, so all the ingredients are here for a legendary X-Art shoot. My advice is sit back, drop your pants or panties, and enjoy! Wouldn’t you love to be part of this beautiful, orgasmic foursome? One for your permanent collection.

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X-ART Video – The Pussy Cat Burglar

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Oct 102016

X-ART Video – The Pussy Cat Burglar is one of the hottest – and most entertaining – films in X-Art history.

Download the 4K Ultra HD version and save it to your collection of all time favorite sex scenes.

Gorgeous blonde Blake and her lucky man Van settle in for a romantic night of champagne, strawberries and sex.

But wait! What’s that? They hear a sound… Kitted out in a sexy black catsuit, it’s super stunning Jillian Janson on the prowl, robbing them blind.

Caught in the act, Blake and Van shove Jillian down, ass up – and dole out the punishment she deserves (and obviously craves).

There’s a hole in the bottom of her catsuit, just big enough for… Sensational penetrations, three-way fucking and orgasms galore.

Watch for the special ending.

This is X-Art at its most unforgettable.

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X-ART Movie – Black Widow

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Jul 302016

Celebrate the Holidays X-Art Style – starting with this suspenseful erotic thriller ~ X-ART Movie – Black Widow.

Red roses and a bottle of wine serve as a prelude to a passionate lovemaking session featuring gorgeous brunette Jessica and her well-hung stallion, Calvin.

After an amazing blowjob, Calvin pushes his bulging cock into her aching wet pussy.

You can see the juices flowing as she takes him all the way. We don’t want to spoil it… but there’s a surprising conclusion!

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X-ART Eufrat & Grace: Casual Affair

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Oct 232015

Eufrat and Grace are two of the most sexual girls we know.
And although they like to get it on with a good man, these two woman LOVE the ladies!
So we couldn’t resist the chance to let them have a ‘casual affair’ for our cameras.
And here I go again, this time with some movie trivia:

00:50:29 There was a moment when l thought l might have had one with you–

00:50:33 l don’t want to have a casual affair.

00:50:36 ls this a proposal?

00:50:37 Do you joke about everything?

– Postcards from the Edge (1990)

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X-ART Grace Breakfast in Bed

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Oct 162015

Imagine waking up to a beautiful blonde bringing you breakfast in bed.
And that’s not all she’s bringing. Grace offers her entire self to her boyfriend Greg, including his favorite part (her perfect ass).
Watch them passionately make love from multiple positions until she beckons him to give her what she really wants.
Your wife or girlfriend may even be convinced to try a little anal experiment after seeing this video.
Check it out and see what I mean!
P.S. Grace is 21 yrs old and originally from Russia 😉

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X-ART Baby: Sent From Heaven

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Oct 052015

Baby is a real angel.
Admire her natural beauty as she strips and plays with you.
See her up close getting her make-up done, then relaxing in a chair.
Watch as her fingers drift between her legs.
She leans her head back and forgets we are there as she brings herself to orgasm.
A beautiful and natural girl with an enchanting smile.
Even if solos are not your thing, watch this one. I think you will love it 😉
Truly, there are angels among us!

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X-ART Baby: Together Again

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Sep 232015

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you find yourself waking up after a naughty dream.
Either you’re in bed with yourself or your partner, but either way it is a luxurious and sexual fantasy that makes you want to linger in bed (or head to the computer 😉
Imagine waking up and finding Baby or Tyler in your bed and all of the sudden your dreams become a reality.
Watch them passionately kiss, then as she is still rousing he uses his fingers and mouth to get her ready. As he enters her, she moans with pleasure.
Their love making heats up until they both have orgasms while the morning light washes over their perfect young bodies.
Enjoy these two beauties together again in HD.

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X-ART Kaylee Teenage Dream

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Sep 152015

Teenage Dream HD Video!
New to X-Art and getting ready to join us for an island shoot this Summer, 18 year old Kaylee takes the time to show you everything.
This recently discovered exhibitionist has just started her modeling career and she told us she can’t believe how much she loves it! She said the thrill she gets from undressing for our cameras and showing off her entire body is incomparable to anything she has ever experienced. She becomes so excited when we ask her to finger herself that she tries to get her whole hand in!
Well, we’re glad she’s enjoying it, hope you enjoy her just as much! I can tell how much she likes it, can you?

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X-ART Lisa: Invisible

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Sep 082015

A brand new beauty and her first time getting naked for cameras. 21 year old Lisa is a really sexy girl next door type, who also looks like a famous actress.
She was shy at first, but since she had some fashion modeling experience she caught on quickly.
Watch her strip and make herself cum for the first time.
I am sure you will love this naughty girl!
One thing she is not, is invisible 😉

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X-ART Kaylee Introducing Kaylee

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Aug 072015

World, meet Kaylee! Kaylee, meet the X-Art members!
Come and join Kaylee for her first intimate moment caught on camera.
Watch her touch herself, tentatively at first and with growing passion as her courage builds until the explosive finale.
One of the most gorgeous and natural girls you will see anywhere!
You won’t want to miss this! More Kaylee to cum 😉

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