Caprice Swaps Cocks

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Oct 122016

We love Caprice and Marcello. This stunning, swinging couple is a blast to be around, and X-Art fans clearly cannot get enough of this gorgeous female sexual gymnast. And yes, this time Caprice Swaps Cocks.

Today, Caprice has a surprise for her husband — stunning college coed Anya Olsen – and he has one for her. Let’s just say that Caprice’s motto is “two cocks usually are better than one” and that Marcello gets off making love to his wife and watching another guy fuck her to bliss as well.

Both girls are bisexual, so all the ingredients are here for a legendary X-Art shoot. My advice is sit back, drop your pants or panties, and enjoy! Wouldn’t you love to be part of this beautiful, orgasmic foursome? One for your permanent collection.

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X-ART Porn – 4Way in 4K

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Feb 212016

Here comes the great X-ART Porn – 4Way in 4K!

Brunette or redhead? If you are Caprice and Anny, the better question is, “Why do we have to choose”? These beautiful girls want it all.

Imagine two gorgeous couples sipping champagne at Anny’s home. Caprice and Marcello are over, and the conversation soon turns to giving pleasure and uninhibited sexual appetites.

If you can’t fuck your friends, who can you fuck? The guys’ cocks start to get hard in their pants as Anny and Jean make out. Clothes quickly are shed and Caprice and Anny wrap their full lips around their man’s shaft and compare techniques.

What a turn-on to fuck with passion and watch your friends doing the same!

Caprice and Anny naturally have to play with one another as well, and then they swap partners. And then they swap again.

God, this feels so good as these super hot girls provide an orgasmic cornucopia.

A “four-way” and, with you watching, in 4K!

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X-ART Movie – From 3 to 4 Part II

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Nov 252015

Watch the second part of X-ART Movie – From 3 to 4 Part II.

Bonus set: from the Video! This may be the best “Part II” you’ve ever seen!

Get ready for three super horny girls and one sexy guy to blow your mind (and the girls seem to be competing in the art of blowing Jake!)

These gorgeous X-Art models will ride him and suck him in various positions, then pleasure each other a lot more too.

You will want to join this group in some incredible sex (duh!)…because this one is a chart-topper!

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X-ART Caprice & Baby: Grow Up With Me

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Sep 192015

When Baby first started at X-Art she had never been with a woman, much less a group!
Caprice had much more experience and she brings her little X-Art sister into a really hot and passionate couples session. All four were so turned on. Watch as they give each other multiple orgasms.
This is an Amazing photo set from an absolutely awesome HD video coming soon. I just really love it! And even if groups are not for you, I suggest you watch this one anyway. The passion and love will appeal to men, women and couples. It is just really great to see a combination like this, especially when they are so into it. We had a blast shooting this scene 😉
A Very rare gem that you will only see on X-Art! (Putting video up early for evryone becuase I know you’ve been waiting).

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Awe Inspiring Orgy

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Jun 132015

To continue where the goddesses left off, they decide to have some HOT group sex.
I mean wouldn’t you if you looked like Caprice or Angelica (how could you not want to fuck yourself and everyone else all the time).
Interested in joining in? There is some impressive fucking from the guys and girls. You will be gripping your cock and ready to cum.
And there are so MANY opportunities in this awe-inspiring orgy, you many just cum and then cum some more.

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Girls Night Out

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Jun 052015

In this exclusive HD X-Art video four gorgeous girls go out on the town for an evening of uninhibited sex and unforgettable good times! The story is a twist on a popular sexual fantasy, but this time – the GIRLS are in control!
It’s Friday Night and it’s time to have some fun! Spanish brunette Gabriella, little blond Anneli and her two sexy girlfriends hire a limousine to chauffeur them around the city as they go clubbing. As the wheels get rolling and the champagne starts flowing, the girls chat freely, each recounting her most recent sexual experience. When Anneli brags about the time she fooled around with one of her female roommates, the other girls in the limo perk up. Acting on a dare, the older blond moves in for a flirtatious kiss. Annelia returns the favor and starts to unbutton her blouse.
With the music blaring, all four girls loosen their clothes and start to make out, snapping photos with their digital camera. Feeling totally uninhibited, Gabriella dares the other girls to grab a cute guy off the street and let him ride in back for a couple of blocks.
As the car turns the corner, they spot a handsome, dapper young man in his mid-twenties. Anneli rolls the window down. “Hey! Would you mind jumping in here to take a few photos of my girlfriends and I?” one of the girls asks. He gladly accepts the invitation and jumps in the back seat. Once he’s inside the car, the girls agree that the guy is even cuter than they thought. They signal approval to each other and Gabriella starts to pull his shirt open to get a closer look.
Once his clothes are off, the girls take turns sucking the guy’s cock, all the while snapping photos with their camera! Those are going to be some pretty naughty Facebook updates! Rock hard and ready, the guy needs no further encouragement. He proceeds to fuck three of the girls, one at a time, while the others cheer him on!

This is one Friday Night you’ll never forget! Make sure to download and save this video to your permanent collection of quality erotica!

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