X-ART Movie – Dressed to Kill

 Jessica  Comments Off on X-ART Movie – Dressed to Kill
Feb 042016

Jessica is formulating a dark erotic fantasy in the back of her mind. Check out this gorgeous X-ART Movie – Dressed to Kill!

Seeing her seated in a sleek silver luxury coupe exudes ‘sex with class’.

The car’s smooth lines and Jessica’s slender body fit like a glove. Jessica’s mind floats off to a wicked place as she opens her dress and lets her hands wander.

Her hard nipples, those killer legs and her wet pussy are something to behold. Jessica begins fingering her clit and finger fucking herself in a sexual reverie all her own.

She imagines the warm blood pumping through her lovers’ veins – and his raging hard cock.

She’s a Black Widow, waiting for the right moment …

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X-ART Video – Dressed to Thrill

 Caprice, Featured X-ART Videos  Comments Off on X-ART Video – Dressed to Thrill
Nov 232015

Beautiful brunette Caprice is dressed-up for a night on the town in a black silk designer gown. Enjoy this wonderful X-ART Video – Dressed to Thrill.

Sitting inside her luxury car, Caprice tires of waiting for her lover Marcello to fetch her purse. She lifts her dress high allow her hands access to her inner thighs and pussy – but just then she hears Marcello approaching the car. She covers up quickly.

As he climbs into the driver’s seat, Caprice gives him a little unexpected slap across his face, his punishment for making his Lady wait. She takes control, grabs his head and kisses him passionately. Leaning in, her dress hikes up over her hips revealing her perfect pussy. His cock stands at attention as she unzips his pants.

After several minutes of a mind-bending blowjob, Caprice climbs atop Marcello, straddling him as he plunges his cock inside her. You can see the pink folds of her pussy, forced open with each stroke as he fucks her deeply.

Two lovers turn an ordinary night on the town into an awesome opportunity to fuck!

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