Mar 302013

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You know sometimes those spontaneous moments of passion are the best!
I remember one time Brig and I were cooking dinner like this and we uh, well you know,,,,
So imagine it happening to you. And watch Ivy and Sebastian demonstrate.
They are a real couple, totally into each other and completely love showing themselves to you.
Watch them start out making dinner and finish with dessert and umm beware this set contains some ‘back-door action’. So if you don’t like it, skip that part. But if you like it, love it!

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Sep 272012

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Video Intro

Imagine waking up to a beautiful blonde bringing you breakfast in bed.
And that’s not all she’s bringing. Grace offers her entire self to her boyfriend Greg, including his favorite part (her perfect ass).
Watch them passionately make love from multiple positions until she beckons him to give her what she really wants.
Your wife or girlfriend may even be convinced to try a little anal experiment after seeing this video.
Check it out and see what I mean!
P.S. Grace is 21 yrs old and originally from Russia 😉

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