Mar 252013

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Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Either way we have a present for you from X-Art.
Watch as Ben gently opens Angelica’s pussy, she raises her hips into position just above his face.
She balances gently at first, her hand resting on his hips, his hand touching hers
He starts with his tongue gently and her head rolls back as she experiences waves of pleasure and ecstasy.
As he opens her further, he can envision how amazing it will look when his cock is buried in the tight folds of her flesh.
After she rides his face to multiple orgasms, she lowers her head and opens her mouth, allowing his cock to slowly push past her lips. Her wet tongue gently encircles the head of his cock.
Suddenly, she lets her jaw open as wide as she can and she pushes the head of his cock against the back of her throat. She wanted to touch her lips against her hand, now wrapped firmly around the base of his cock. She’s surprised how comfortable it is now that she’s relaxed and aroused.
He can feel her throat closing around his cock as she pushes it as far down as she can. In unison, he returns the pleasure with a well timed glide of this tongue across her pussy lips and her clit.
Both moan in pleasure as they climax on the other.
A nice nap after and then waking up for a Merry Christmas.
I love this HD video and think it is one our best ever! Members, hope you do too 😉

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