Mar 262015

Soul Mate: “Your other half. The person who completes you. The person who makes you feel over and over again like you have butterflies”
Ivy came to our recent shoot on Ibiza and she brought her real boyfriend and soul mate with her.
She was so excited that she convinced her real-life lover to have sex on camera. I cant wait to see what you guys think about her with her real man versus the actors.
Watch them show their skills orally and all of their favorite positions as a couple all in HD!
A beautiful finish in her mouth, their favorite 😉

Download Full HD(1920×1080): Here

Mar 232015

HD Video!

Have you ever imagined sneaking around underwater with goggles and catching a young couple getting it on in the pool or the ocean?
Imagine watching him slide his huge cock inside her tight pussy while they think no one is watching.
Well X-Art favorite model Ivy and her new crush Tyler meet in the pool and make a splash and we are all voyeurs.
You can feel the heat from their bodies warming up the cool pool water.
It was our first time shooting a sex scene in scuba gear and we think it came out pretty cool.

This is a real Wet Dream! Watch for yourself and see what I mean 😉

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Feb 012015

Imagine you’ve been hard at work all morning and are so ready for a lunch break.
Lucky you, along comes Ivy in her white cotton panties and tank top.
Feline in her moves, she pries your laptop away from you and shifts her white panties onto your face.
After you’ve pleasured her orally, she climbs on top of your cock and rides you until she has another orgasm.
Finally satisfied, she takes your cock in her mouth until you finish.
Who’s lunchtime fantasy is this anyway? Mine, yours or Ivy’s?? 😉

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Jan 202015

An original and a new X-Art favorite model together for some hot lesbian sex!
Two perfect cuties, Kristen (now blonde) and tiny brunette Ivy take turns licking and fingering each other.
They rub their perfect pussies together until they shudder with awesome orgasms.
These specific girls prefer men, but they are so horny that they’ll take a woman when no boys are available.
Watch the action and see how hot and cute they really are!

Download Full HD(1920×1080): Here

Jan 172015

You know sometimes those spontaneous moments of passion are the best!
I remember one time Brig and I were cooking dinner like this and we uh, well you know,,,,
So imagine it happening to you. And watch Ivy and Sebastian demonstrate.
They are a real couple, totally into each other and completely love showing themselves to you.
Watch them start out making dinner and finish with dessert and umm beware this set contains some ‘back-door action’. So if you don’t like it, skip that part. But if you like it, love it!

Download Full HD(1920×1080): Here