Caprice Swaps Cocks

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Oct 122016

We love Caprice and Marcello. This stunning, swinging couple is a blast to be around, and X-Art fans clearly cannot get enough of this gorgeous female sexual gymnast. And yes, this time Caprice Swaps Cocks.

Today, Caprice has a surprise for her husband — stunning college coed Anya Olsen – and he has one for her. Let’s just say that Caprice’s motto is “two cocks usually are better than one” and that Marcello gets off making love to his wife and watching another guy fuck her to bliss as well.

Both girls are bisexual, so all the ingredients are here for a legendary X-Art shoot. My advice is sit back, drop your pants or panties, and enjoy! Wouldn’t you love to be part of this beautiful, orgasmic foursome? One for your permanent collection.

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X-ART Video – The Pussy Cat Burglar

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Oct 102016

X-ART Video – The Pussy Cat Burglar is one of the hottest – and most entertaining – films in X-Art history.

Download the 4K Ultra HD version and save it to your collection of all time favorite sex scenes.

Gorgeous blonde Blake and her lucky man Van settle in for a romantic night of champagne, strawberries and sex.

But wait! What’s that? They hear a sound… Kitted out in a sexy black catsuit, it’s super stunning Jillian Janson on the prowl, robbing them blind.

Caught in the act, Blake and Van shove Jillian down, ass up – and dole out the punishment she deserves (and obviously craves).

There’s a hole in the bottom of her catsuit, just big enough for… Sensational penetrations, three-way fucking and orgasms galore.

Watch for the special ending.

This is X-Art at its most unforgettable.

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X-ART Video – Superhot Sexting

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Oct 082016

Here comes the new X-ART Video – Superhot Sexting. Jillian Janson is in bed and thinking of her boyfriend. She decides to make a sexy selfie of herself on her smart phone and remind the guy of what he is missing.

With her stunning blue eyes, full lips and lovely legs, Jillian knows that she can make him ache as she explores her sexuality. Her homemade video shoot gets even hotter when another X-Art Girl — Anny Aurora of the red hair, sexy figure and gorgeous skin tones – decides to join her friend in a home shoot that may make the phone explode! Nipples become erect, panties soon are optional, and what they create quickly becomes mandatory viewing.

Both Jillian and Anny adore licking pussy, and they get turned on big time as they finger and fuck each other. Scissoring and sixty-nine send both of these super models into orgasmic orbit.

Wouldn’t you love to receive this for your viewing pleasure?

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X-ART Sex – Luvv Me Tender

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Oct 072016

X-Art Girl Sarah Luuv has a strong appetite, but she also is in the mood for some tenderness. Enjoy the X-ART Sex – Luvv Me Tender.

Tyler takes the time to caress Sarah’s naked body, nibble on her ear and kiss her gently. When he comes down on her, she loves that he licks her pussy slowly and lets her first orgasm gradually build to a strong climax. Who wouldn’t love to tug at Sarah’s full lips and taste her clit as she cums?

She naturally returns the favor with some gorgeous cock sucking and then rides her guy passionately in their personal garden of ecstasy. Finally, the lovers fuck fast and hard on the table until they cum together. Sarah’s broad smile and sparkling brown eyes tell us that she adored every minute.

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X-ART Movie – Black Widow

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Jul 302016

Celebrate the Holidays X-Art Style – starting with this suspenseful erotic thriller ~ X-ART Movie – Black Widow.

Red roses and a bottle of wine serve as a prelude to a passionate lovemaking session featuring gorgeous brunette Jessica and her well-hung stallion, Calvin.

After an amazing blowjob, Calvin pushes his bulging cock into her aching wet pussy.

You can see the juices flowing as she takes him all the way. We don’t want to spoil it… but there’s a surprising conclusion!

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X-ART Video – Blonde Teenage Dream

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Jul 242016

Blonde babe Aurora Belle quickly is becoming an X-Art sensation. Enjoy this new X-ART Video – Blonde Teenage Dream.

With her green eyes and full lips (both pair), she arouses the attention of both men and women wherever she goes.

Her tight ass is a thing of beauty and, let’s face it, Aurora is heart-stopping when she spreads her teenage pussy and invites you to get off with her.

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X-ART Porn – Hot Winter Fox

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Feb 242016

When beautiful strawberry blonde Chrissy Fox curls up by the fire with her hot boyfriend, the sparks between them fly. The great X-ART Porn – Hot Winter Fox!

It’s their 6 month anniversary, and she is more than ready for the romantic massage he’s offered. He pours oil over her smooth skin, making her glisten and glow.

As he massages her ass, her cheeks spread, revealing a glimpse of her perfect pussy. Soon, his cock is rock hard.

The lovers embrace, she pulls his cock inside of her. Their bodies shudder as they come together. What a way to spend a winter night!

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X-ART Sex – It’s Getting Hot in Here

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Feb 222016

Watch lovely Izzy‘s eye contact with her man as she slithers on the bed and begins to get naked. Enjoy this wonderful X-ART Sex – It’s Getting Hot in Here.

Doesn’t she look fabulous in those sexy black tights? She wants to fuck, but not just a wham-bam tryst.

First, some foreplay as he licks her delicious pussy and she sucks cock for maximum pleasure.

Then, she mounts her lover and begins to do him face-to-face. What a beautiful sight.

Then she rolls over on her tummy and he enters her for more intense fucking.

Notice how perfectly tight Izzy’s ass is — and her flat stomach, the lovely arch of the back, and those high cheekbones on that unforgettable face.

Listen and enjoy as Izzy has even more orgasms missionary style.

It’s getting hot in her — I mean, here!

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X-ART Girls in Sexy Summer Camp

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Feb 222016

A gorgeous blonde and beautiful brunette sneak away to their cabin in the woods for a weekend of wild sex. Do you love these X-ART Girls in Sexy Summer Camp?

Before the boys arrive, Madi and Kenna get down to business.

The Great Outdoors has never looked better!

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X-ART Sex – This is What Heaven Looks Like

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Feb 222016

Check out this amazing X-ART Sex – This is What Heaven Looks Like!

Colette and I used to have threesomes with one of her brunette girlfriends from time to time.

I always thought how lucky I was, and how incredible it was to enjoy the sight of a beautiful blonde and a brunette together.

This set reminds me of those times. I hope as you view this video, you’ll close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are there…

Everyone should be so lucky at least once in their life. This is what heaven looks like!

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